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Zodiastrophic Songs

3 Capricorn Saturn

3 Capricorn Saturn

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Zodiastrophic Natal Chart Songs combine musical segments about your House, Sign and Planet - which are listed in that order in the title of the song. Your astrological natal chart reveals how all of your houses, signs and planets lined up at the moment you were born. Each part of a Zodiastrophic Natal Chart Song adds these aspects to the musical horoscope message that is meant for you. There are thousands of combinations! Check your astrological natal chart and then find the Zodiastrophic Natal Chart Song combos that are right for you! Each song contains a sound effect to match the Sign’s element. The songs form a message of guidance and reflection in repetitive sections for meditation and inspiration about your life. There are also Sign Songs available without houses or planets. All Sign Songs are composed with different lyrics, instruments, melodies and rhythms to represent the characteristics of each individual sign, yet combine harmoniously with every other Sign Song. Individuals can also select Relationship Songs that combine their sign information with the signs of others in their life.

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