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Zodiastrophic Songs

Trio Aquarius Pisces Libra

Trio Aquarius Pisces Libra

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Zodiastrophic Relationship Songs presents Trios with five repetitive segments for meditation and inspiration about three individual’s characteristics and how they combine together. The Zodiac is the circular area of our solar system (based on our planets’ orbits) that is divided into 12 sections. These sections contain the constellations that make up our Zodiac Signs. The Zodiastrophic Relationship Songs combine individual Sign Songs into Trios so that the information about all the individual Signs of whatever three you select can be harmonized together in one song.

  • The three signs that combine for your duet song are in the title of the Trio. All Trio songs start with the word “Trio” in the title, followed by the sign you want to hear first, then the sign you want to hear second, then the sign you want to hear third. An example of what you will hear when you select a Trio song with the title “Trio Scorpio Gemini Virgo” would be: 1st Scorpio, 2nd Gemini, 3rd Virgo, 4th all three playing in harmony, 5th all three playing in harmony again.

All Sign Songs are composed with different lyrics, instruments, melodies and rhythms to represent the characteristics of each individual sign, yet combine harmoniously with every other Sign Song.

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